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            C2SR-12 solid insulation ring main unit

            C2SR-12 solid insulation ring main unit with C2S Chinese solid insulation switch has adopted vacuum extinction expoxy resin insulation technology free maintance metal-enclosed switgear, while SF6-free technology enhances peace of mind.SF6 aeration swithgear of the perfect upgrade replacement produtcs.

            Together with stainless steel or aluminum coated zinc cabinet body, aluminum profile frame ensures beautiful appearance, high strength, strong corrosion resistance

            Standard Cabinet Size: Width x Depth x Height =420x940x1400mm

            Installation height of cable head to ground is 750mm. All installations are easy on-site

            Instrument box is expanded above the solid cabinet, can meet requirements of various secondary scheme

            Perfect five-protection interlock

            Automation of network distribution can be realized


            Pure solid insulation technology, three-compartment structure

            Isolating switch, vacuum extinguishing chamber, grounding switch are completely separated. The three independent functional units are independently insulated between each other.
            Three- compartment solid encapsulated type, high mechanical strength, strong anti short circuit rush ability
            Independent inter-phase, preventing internal arcing
            A.B.C inter-phase is independently insulated to avoid the occurrence of inter-phase short circuit fault
            Smoothly passed arcing test




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