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            C3S-D Indoor Substation


            This series of products are indoor miniaturized integrated substation. It is a revolutionary solution for replacement of traditional indoor substation. It is suitable for residential, high-rise buildings, hotels, commercial and trade buildings, airports and other indoor places.

            Problem of high floor of traditional substation  

            Problem of insufficient area of traditional substation

            Problem of too long power supply radius of low-voltage cable 
            Problem of investment shortage



            High-voltage switch, transformer and low voltage circuit adopt three-dimensional
            arrangement of stereo Y style
            High-voltage side adopts C2S-12 Chinese mode solid insulation switch SCB
            series of small cast dry-type transformer is chosen for transformer
             Low-voltage side adopts modular dense bus system
             Capacitor compensation adopts smart integrated capacitor compensation device
             With high voltage metering and low voltage metering scheme


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